Ellen Dewolf Distinguished Service Award Recipients

LEAP Agility Club welcomes nominations for our "Ellen De Wolf Distinguished Service Award". This award will be presented to a LEAP member in memory Ellen DeWolf, who passed away in late 2010. Ellen was one of our most inspirational, pioneer members.

Ellen and her husband Gordon were at the forefront in introducing and promoting the sport of dog agility in New England. Their lovely home and farm, Merryfields, was the site of some of the first agility workshops, trials, and classes in New England. In 1999, Ellen along with several other agility fans led the effort to form the LEAP Agility Club of Central MA. From the initial meetings in 1999, through the AKC club approval process, to the first official AKC trial in 2002, Ellen played a central role in LEAP's growing reputation as a club that welcomed newcomers to the sport, rewarded service and hard work, and supported its members both in their competitive and personal lives. She served as Treasurer of the new club as well as hosting club meetings, matches, training clinics, and fun activities at Merryfields. It is true to say that LEAP owes much of its initial and ongoing success to Ellen's vision, dedicated service, caring attitude and generous support.

In many ways Ellen personified the true spirit of agility. At the heart of her love and dedication to the sport was her belief that agility was all about having a fun working relationship with your dog, continuing to learn and perfect dog and handler skills while engaging in friendly competition and most importantly supporting your friends and club through both the good and bad times.

For more information on the Ellen Dewolf Award and how to nominate a deserving member go to Ellen De Wolf Distinguished Service Award Section on the Members Page.

LEAP's 2016 Recipients

Chris Marinelli
and Pat McKinney

Ellen Dewolf Previous Award Recipients

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