Leap Agility Club of Central MA

Sally King
Photo by Penny Wills.

Sally has been a member of LEAP since 2001 and has served as President, Vice-President and Membership Chair.  She lives, trains and trials with her three Australian Shepherds.

ASCA A-Ch Absoloot Crown Royal, OA, OAJ, RS-N, GS-N, JS-N

Adore’s Ring of Fire, MX, MXJ, RS-E, JS-E, GS-O

Caitland’s Alberta Clipper, AX, AXJ, RS-O, JS-O, GS-N.

Paula Orcutt
Vice President

Paula is a large animal veterinarian who shares her home with 2 very exuberant Golden retrievers, Juice and Rooney.

Monica Strathers
Photo by Frank Janson

Debra Loomis
Photo by Lesley Mattuchio

Home of Windy Hollow Vizslas

Debbie started her dog career in 1975 with a Siberian Husky.  She went on to compete in conformation and obedience with Cocker Spaniels and then Vizslas.  She started agility in 1994.  Her Vizslas have been nationally ranked in conformation, obedience, and agility, including the top-producing sire in 2009.  Debbie is an original member of the club and has served on the board for many years.

Pat McKinney
Membership Chair
Photo by Lesley Mattuchio

Home of Tidemark Golden Retrievers


UH HR MACH 3 Gaylan's Jolly Mon Sing CD RA BN SH MXG MJC OF T2B WCX ADHF CGC "Jester"

and Always in our hearts


UH HR MACH Gaylan's One Step Atta Time UD RE SH MXP MJP MXF WCX CGC OD ADHF "Tango"

Lori Eliot
Photo by Lesley Mattuchio

One of the original Leap members, Lori began her agility career with her long-coated GSD Duncan. After his retirement and a long break Lori is back competing with her equally fabulous (and highly motivated) GSD Asher.

Inferno Von Monte-Haus CD BN RN OA OAJ NF CL3 CL4-F CL4-H AD AS AG AJ AR SPG SPK NW1 IT TC CGC OFA hips&elbows cardiac CERF DM CHIC #81323 DNA #V688947 (Asher - Burn Baby Burn!)

Caleb Von Monte-Haus (I love you just the way you are)

and Forever in my heart


Mary Peterson
Photo by Debby Dubay

Mary shares her home with her 2 golden girls; Chloe 11 and Rosie who is 7.  She began training agility with her dog Chloe but says she really got into it when her dog Rosie came along in 2008.  "Rosie was a finalist in our 1st AKC NAC in 2014 and she recently got her Mach 6!" She and Rosie also do field training where Rosie recenlty earned her Senior Hunt Title. They are now working towards a MH title.  She contiunes by saying "Chloe is happy to hike, swim, fetch bumpers and be loved!"

Claudette Beaulieu
Photo by

Claudette started training agility in 2000 and has trained and titled golden retrievers, a border collie and a chihuahua mix in AKC, USDAA and NADAC. She also competed in obedience before starting agility. She currently shares her life with three golden retrievers and a border collie.

Athleen Zimmermann
Photo by Lesley Mattuchio

Athleen shares her agility time with Darry and Nigel, competing in AKC.

Noreen Bennett
Photo by Lesley Mattuchio

Noreen has been involved with dogs and dog shows since she was 5 years old. "Participating in different dog sports to develop a versatile collie gives me great pleasure. No matter how anyone does at a dog show, no matter the sport, at the end of the day, going home with the dog you love, respect and appreciate is what it’s all about."

Ch MACh2 Provenhill's Persuasion (Suede) BN CDX RE HSAsd HIAsd MFB GV

Ch Millknock's Blue By Ewe (Peyton) BN CDX RA HSAds AX AXJ MXP MJP MXF T2BP VX

Millknock's Tri the Next Chapter (Sequel) AX AXJ OF

Ch Mariner's Poetic Justice (Poet) CDX RN OA NAP AJP HT VX (1995-2007)

Ch Provenhill’s No Angel (Charlotte) HT RN (2000-2013)

Ch Mariner's Sea Sharp (Maestro) CD BN RE HSAs OA NAP OAJ NJP OF NFP VX (2000-2014)

Guylaine Doyon
Seminar Committee
Photo by Lois Frick​e

"Agility gives me the great opportunity to spend quality time with my dogs - training, walking and just hanging around them. It’s because of agility that I have met some of my best friends.  My dogs are my children and it is a gift to wake up in the morning having them in my arms."

Guy teammate is BareCove Live a Little Love A lot Doyon "Coach"

Jean Freeman
Sunshine Committee & Library
Photo by

Jean's love for dogs started about 1983 when she bought a Fidelco German Shepherd.  She raised 10 Fidelco dogs, many becoming very special guide dogs, and two were Ct State Police Dogs.  She bought her first border collie in 1992 and has not looked back.  She presently lives with 6 BCs who make up her very special family, Gaze, Blush, Thyme, Billy, Fuse, and Dream.  She competes in agility, obedience, herding, and two are conformation Champions..

Debra Loomis
November Cluster Committee
Photo by Lesley Mattuchio

Historically, one ofthe largest AKC agility trials in the country. There are four rings indoors on dirt with conformation and obedience in adjacent buildings.