Leap Agility Club of Central MA

One of the best things about being involved in dog sports is not only the time you spend with your dog but the lifelong friendships you develop with other people over the years.

The idea of relation-building through various dog-centric venues is part of LEAP's core values. As an AKC club, we support breeders who breed for health, structure, good temperament, and the love of a breed, so people can enjoy what a dog is bred to do. We hope everyone might consider belonging to their breed club, an all-breed club, or a specific sport club, like LEAP Agility Club.
– Noreen Bennet, AKC Delegate

Monica Stathers

Deb Roberts
Vice President

Diane Patterson

Debra Loomis

Carol Lariviere
Membership Chair

Noreen Bennett
AKC Delegate

Cara Armour

Margaret Howes

Leanne Ksiazek

Kathy Lesinski

Guylaine Doyon
Seminar Committee

Diane Wilkinson
Sunshine Committee and Library

Debra Loomis
November Cluster Committee